Life is a series of moments. On this morn this moment lasted but minutes. The pinks suddenly were there…and then gone, swallowed by endless greys.

And a few hours later, after my run, sitting in my artisan coffee shop looking out across the Pacific, another moment. The wonderfully skilled barista, Tim, also an artist and musician, fetched his ukulele from his car, and sang “Silent Night” to the two of us who were present.

Listening to an unknown artist play, one holds their breath, willing and wanting them to be good…to be really good. Slightly nervous that perhaps they will not be, and that awkwardness will be present, the need to fumble through some less than sincere platitudes.

Not today. A glorious voice from someone who knows his gift and has comfort in the song.

What a gift. It was so spontaneously given. So generous. And it changed my day.

The other witness, also a regular customer, and I became co-conspirators in an extra-ordinary event. And with that we connected, as perhaps we would never have before.

Beauty does that. Bringing strangers together over the shared experience.

These moments, precious. The privilege was I got to live them.

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