Always never absolutely

I am currently in an enquiry about my use of absolutes.

Always, never, absolutely.

I have slipped into the habit of being cavalier with my use of these words.

In a world where we have con men for leaders – not just of nations but of our industries – there are real truths  – Finite planet, non-renewable resources, economic inequality, knowledge asymmetry – that get smothered under the blanket of empty vainglory and endless BS, and the most aggressive use of absolutes.

The time calls for the uprising to be precise with our words.

To choose our words with care, speak with clarity and conviction, stand grounded in the humility of truth.

Our words need to be the seed generator of action, consistent with our words.

To know a human who is his/her word is to be restored to what it means to trust.

I trust the consistency of the sunrise each day. When I am lost in the noise of the world that seeks to destroy the good, the true and the beautiful, the sunrise reminds me that I get to once again be a stand for right words followed by right action.

To choose with care right words is right action.

July 10th 2018


Photo Taken July 24th 2016


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