Breaking rules.

Good rules are designed to improve lives, make things safer, enable equal access, add positively to experience.

All rules are up to be challenged and changed.

Human evolution requires breaking human-made rules and challenging the status quo.

In a world of accelerated acceleration, any rule made more than a few years ago needs to be considered for rewriting.

Who we are as humanity is not the same as 2 years ago. It is certainly not who we were 200 or 2000 years ago.

Misfits and positive deviants look for ways to rewrite rules for the good of all.

Breaking rules is essential to our healthy development. Refusal to consider rule change stagnates any dynamic system.

While rule change causes people who like stability and sameness to be nervous and uncomfortable, stability and sameness are not the nature of things. Everything changes. The more you resist change the more likely you are to break as things change.

Our resilience comes from dancing with change.

The question returns to why the rule, what and who does it support and whether we are able to write a better rule?

Last night I broke some rules and in the process made a lot of people very happy without doing any harm to anyone except the one person who insisted that the rule should not be broken.

Note. I too have places in my life where I like sameness and stability. Old age as a mental condition (not related to chronological age) happens when we become increasingly inflexible to change. My personal challenge is to not become a member of the ‘old age.’ That means that whenever I sink into the comfort of sameness and stability I need to rattle my own cage and head into the winds of change. Ideally, before change is set upon me.

April 12th 2018


Photo Taken April 12th 2018


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