Breathing in change

Technology not working, heat rising, nerves tangled. Hungry. Triggered. Snappy.

We have all been there.

I can feed myself, try to get cool, and breathe. Stop. Notice.

Notice the cool breeze on my neck—the clear blue sky. 

Sink below the tangle. Breath. Again.

Find that place that is steady and constant.

Breath. Again. Be still. Witness.

Stay with the flow of breath until the turbulence has passed.

Choose a different way to engage with the day.

There will be shouting. Anger. People are rightly mad. For one million valid reasons.

Today the anger will not own me. I will not become a fractal of the division, consumed by a beast that will never be satisfied.

Rather I will turn my eyes and my effort towards change that is truthful, dignified and whole.

March 25th 2019

Photo taken March 25th 2019