In the last week in Ireland and London I have had the privilege of meeting the most wonderful people. Generous, soulful, inspirational business people…successful entrepreneurs all.

I have learned that when you show up in deep alignment to something far bigger than your self, something that speaks to others in a heartfelt and soulful way, the pathway to support and collaboration is easy for them to say yes.

Besides, when you are completely passionate about the work you are bringing to the world, no ask is too big…and the ask is easy…as it is so much bigger than you. You simply cannot not ask….

That if people say no, which they will, it is not no to you but the project you are stewarding…and therefore this is not rejection, but simply not the right timing/alignment/worldview.

That the busiest of busy people will say yes to something that calls to them. So ask.

That if you are not getting people leaning in…either your project is not big enough, clear enough, aligned enough…and perhaps you need to go back to the drawing board.

That it has taken me a long time to reach this place where I am so clear on the project we are birthing, on its message, its purpose, its heart and soul. This clarity transcends all obstacles…

Before this asking always felt awkward, as I was not aligned.

Alignment between you, your project and the people you are presenting to changes everything. When it is there it is like an arrow head, requiring no ‘sell’, no ‘push’ …just the authenticity of what you are presenting.

Alignment, clarity, resonant purpose, bigger than you projects, authenticity…these bridge most things.


Photo credit:Creative Commons License Robert S. Donovan via Compfight


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