Could Nature possibly create something without beauty?

The question asks us to consider everything, including ourselves.

We humans have yet to learn humility in the face of Nature.

We have, for so long, given ourselves a position of dominion over Nature under the delusion that we know better.

Nature knows beauty because Nature knows integrity, synergy, and love – the fabric that makes beauty possible.

Not in an abstract or theoretical way. But through billions of years of crafting, refining and refining again.

The laws that exist in Nature, in humans’ attempt to decode Nature through Mathematics, are not to be violated.

Love is metaphysical gravity, the glue that keeps everything from either collapsing into a heap or blowing apart.

When we learn to pause enough to see, to sink beneath the noise of our constructed world, Nature offers all of its blessings to us, as it has done through time. Not for us to take as we have done with such rapaciousness, but for us to dance with, in partnership.

If we learn to do this, dear fellow humans, then we can finally embrace the exquisite beauty of humanity. And in so doing, as we fall in love with ourselves we fall in love with it all.

To defile from love is not possible.

Sit with the beauty of the sunrise. It is teaching us to live.

January 15th 2018

Photo taken August 3rd 2014


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