To be enchanted. To fall under a spell woven with songs sung by angels.

My magical child, that part of me that believed in fairies and monsters and Santa Claus, is yearning to be enchanted.

I want to fall under the spell of beauty, delight and miracles. To take a break from the work of the responsible adult seeking to bring a fractured world to whole.

How easy is it to get caught in the vortex of ugly… of greed and nasty.

Instead, I desire to weave songs of beauty and delight, to enchant people once again with the gorgeous unfolding of nature, to connect with the Earth song, the cry of the sea bird, the reverence of open-hearted kindness.

Breathing in the sunlight, allowing it to transmute all of the darkness swirling in our atmosphere, I sense the angels pouring their infinite love into the fractures of human creation.

My story for today is enchantment. Care to join me?

October 9th 2018

Photo taken October 9th 2018