Most people know the feeling of nothingness after you have poured your heart and soul into something and it hasn’t worked out.

But here is the rub…it is not that it hasn’t worked out…it is that it hasn’t worked out as expected.

As expected…

Life rarely works out as expected.

On this morn I sit with this dark cloud over my soul…exhaustion from effort at ‘trying’ to make something work.

For well over 45 minutes after the time of the sun rise there was no sign of light. The cloud cover was too thick.

But then this. Magnificent. Break in the clouds.

The light is always there…..I must keep reminding myself…always…even when it is very dark…

The clouds are my teachers…in their obscuring the light they remind me to stop pushing, stop trying, let the effort go… let the light in…

For in the next breath, or maybe the one after that…or even after that…comes the miracle….

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