A system is a conceivable entity dividing Universe into two parts, the inside and the outside of a system. (except of course the part of the Universe doing the dividing.) R. Buckminster Fuller

In order for us to see otherness, we need an inside and an outside. We need a system.

A minimum of four corners is required for existence. The tetrahedron is the minimum system in Universe. The tetrahedron is also the simplest way to enclose space using the least amount of matter and energy. The tetrahedron requires six relationships around the four corners.

The point of this…

There is a geometry to relationships and to endurance of relationships. Three triangulates but does not have dimension and does not create space. Four enables dimension, systems, space. Four holds it’s shape. Four has integrity as a system.

At the human partnering level, three may come together around a clear forth precise impulse. Without the precision of the impulse that the three gather around there is no structural integrity in the dynamic.

Studying the geometry of relationships in organisation enables the integral dynamic or lack of to be made evident.

By changing the geometry of the relationships we can change the organisational system from one that doesn’t hold its shape to one that holds its shape.



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