I have some wonderful habits. 20 plus years of early morning exercise that keeps me young, fit, vital and alive. So much a habit that I hardly need to think about it, and I certainly do not argue with myself about getting up any more.

I also have some habits that need to be discarded. Most of them are habits of my world view…the stories that there is not enough…not enough time, not enough money, not enough doing it right (what ever right is), not enough business….

I am pretty good at commitments…although I do tend to make social commitments and not keep those. That is a bad habit.

Sabotage…we all do this…we all have our own secret sabotage sauce…our very special formula. If you do not know what yours is, ask a good friend.

Often times the root of sabotage is because if we really created the success we are wanting it may mean that we have to leave our current tribe. They may shame us for our success. Or reject us.  And this thought is so difficult for us that we limit our capacity.

In the last few weeks of my own personal inquiry into my self sabotage I have observed others as they sabotage their own lives. They stay small. They do not value their own value. They cower and shrink when opportunity is present. They do not stand with their feet firmly on the ground and say with humility…this is who I am, this is my skill, this is worth something.

And I see myself.


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