The sunrise didn’t look like much today…but there was this wonderful flock of seagulls at the waters edge, so I came down to capture them…and low and behold, captured this beautiful shot, no editing required.

My teacher of many years, Caroline Myss, has been known to say that the really significant things in life usually arrive in humble brown paper packages. We open them with no expectation, and their small plainness may initially be deeply disappointing. But as they unfold their simplicity in our lives, they have the biggest effect.
I was considering where in my life I know I have been unequivocally successful. The immediate answer was as a mother. Yet I never wanted to be a mother, never dreamed of being a mother, had never held a child until my daughter was born. My daughter arrived unexpectedly, breaking through the defenses of really good contraception.

Everything about her, and my ability to mother her, broke all expectations.

If I do nothing else in life of any note, then it is enough that she was born, and I raised her well.

Almost everything else that I have touched that has shone brightly in the world has been initiated with deep humility, and little attachment. The moment my bossy loud Miss “I” gets in the way, things just don’t work as “I” want them to.

Today’s sunrise is my teacher, once again.