I am not my past

Today I have to do something that I have been avoiding. My aversion to this task comes because it will expose a bad decision made in the past. Thinking about this makes me feel vulnerable, and to a degree, a failure.

Today I might remember that I am not my past. I am not the same person I was one minute ago if I chose to act differently now.

The mistakes we acknowledge we have made hold within them the opportunity to become the platform for us to never make this mistake again.

Of course, if you find yourself, like me, facing the same mistake..again..yet again..here we are again..(#$%??)

…then perhaps it is time to love yourself enough to make a vow. Never again. Really. I trust myself enough, I respect myself enough, I love myself enough, to never do this again.

And to back this vow with action, and commitment, preferably made to a beloved friend and champion who will hold you to account.

March 7th 2018

Photo Taken July 21st 2016 


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