Hypothetical Scenario – a catastrophic situation. You are penniless, and have no physical items of value, like gold, jewels etc.  You need to eat. If you do not eat, you will die. Food can be obtained, but in the way of access to food is a person who wants to extract something of value from you in order to pass it over. They are defining this value as money, gold or other ‘recognised’ objects of value.

Question 1. Does this person have the power?

Question 2. Given you do not have any money, or money equivalents, are you lacking in power?

Question 3. Where is the real power in this situation?

Our world lives on the illusion that money is power. But money is completely agnostic. It is paper, or coin, or digits on a computer. We are the ones that assign money all of these dense and sticky emotions. We are the ones who live in fear of lack of money, who hoard for some idea of security, who give those with money some mythical status. Equally, if you are like me, who (till now) malign self and others for not having money..assigning me and them some level of incompetence for the lack of.

We may argue the answers to the questions above. But here is what I am interested in. And I confess I am writing this blog today to explore these questions in myself.

I am interested in my freedom and sovereignty, my wholeness. I believe that is what we all want.

I love money. But not as many love money…as their status and identity and indeed their power. I love money as an expression of true value. I love money in the pureness of its original design, which was stored value. I love that money can do great things. I love spending money on the exceptional, whether that be the exceptional coffee, or experience.

The moment I give someone else or something else power over me, I immediately relinquish my own power, freedom and sovereignty.

My power comes from inside. The moment I make something in the world out there the representation of my power then I have hollowed out my own power.

Real power always and only lies within me.

So back to the scenario. If we use an Integral Accounting lens, there may be 1000 ways to solve the problem above. To start, we have to consider the whole. The WHOLE. The ecosystem around us. The larger global ecosystem. The possible future. We have to expand our perspective. To tilt our view. To see differently. We have to explore what we don’t know. What is being purposefully and maliciously kept from us. We have to look at what we have in abundance that does not live in the form of money.

The moment we give the immediate situation power over us, we have lost our own.

At 2.23AM we are dedicated to creating pathways for people and business world wide to form a new and whole relationship with money, finance, enterprise – enabling freedom, sovereignty and power to be an inside job accessible to all.


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