When I was a kid we used to either walk to school or ride our bikes…no matter what the weather. Surprisingly I have never seen anyone, including precious children, dissolve in the rain.

And yes, when I was a kid in far north Queensland aged about 10 some man did try to accost me on the street on one of those walks. But I had been learning judo, and I knew how to get away. I would have been tiny then, because I am still small. But my size has never made me feel weak or defenseless. Size is generally irrelevant when it comes to self defense, as is gender, and even age…after a certain age.

The number of terrorism attacks in the West have plummeted since the 1970’s. You are much more likely to die from texting while driving. You are definitely more likely to die of domestic violence if you are a female and shooting death if you are a young black male in the USA. And let’s not mention suicide. But these causes of death really don’t deserve the same level of attention as does the threat, and I mean ‘threat’, of terrorism.

Yet if we read the news it would be easy to think that we have an enormous increase in terrorism.

What is gained by manufacturing a state of fear?

First we have the military industrial complex. In the USA about 50% of spending goes to the military. And the people who profit the most from this are the people who have a high portion of the political power. The Dick Cheney’s of the world. Making money from propagating fear. What a delightful career choice.

All those jobs that are now part of the military industrial complex…it would be sad for those people who would loose them if we directed our money towards…say education, national health care…or self defense classes for all kids…

Imagine if we didn’t need the rise and rise and rise of security guards, security systems, surveillance systems? If we didn’t need the elaborate hoopla at airports…most of which is just smoke and mirrors to make us ‘feel’ safe. Notice as well that the biggest need for security is the people who have the biggest risk of loss. Imagine a life of accumulation dictated by the increasing fear of loss? Is this happiness I wonder? More fear?

Fear is a powerful tool for people in power to use with willful intent. And use it with willful and designed intent they do.

To keep conquered….to keep in power….you must keep people divided. And distracted from the main game. You must have them be focused on pointing the finger at the enemy who is their neighbour. The person from a different tribe, group, religion, political party..the person with different colour skin, the person who dresses differently…

Only when we realise that the majority of the divisiveness is completely and intentionally manufactured do we begin to see that most of the time our neighbour is not so different to us. They struggle with bills and relationships and health…just like us. The long for the good life, for love and friendships and a safe home and healthy happy kids.

When we put aside our lesser differences to stand together for what matters…liberty of choice for all people without harm to another…we can literally change the world.

And this of course is the greatest fear of the people who control the military industrial complex….that we the people might actually choose to work together to promote a world without fear as oxygen.

And parents….sure there is a risk that precious Johnny or Susie might get attacked or abused by someone…so do something about it…get them to self defense classes. Teach them to say no. Sure there is a risk they might fall out of a tree and break their arm, or even hit their head and have that be life threatening…Welcome to the world. Accidents do happen. People do get hurt. And die. Tragedies happen.

Let’s give our kids a backbone. Let’s teach them to never fear a bully because they cannot be bullied. But keeping them in a bubble of fear based and illusory protection is just another way to keep the state of fear alive and well for another generation.

Photo credit: Franco Rabazzo via Compfight


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