It is time the Elders said

There is a Pattern Integrity to every creation.

Be that a knot tied in a rope, a child born, or a tradition that has lasted 40,000 years.

Eldership, wisdom, genuine leadership… is knowing when to change the form without violating the Pattern Integrity, for the Pattern Integrity is often found in the invisible shape, the architecture of the creation.

In 2015 I was invited by an Aboriginal Elder to walk on Sacred ground, with the men, as the first woman to do so with permission. I was accompanied by another Aboriginal Woman, so together we walked this ground beholding the sacred across thousands of years of time.

It is time, the Elder said.

A few days ago in my home city, a group of white men played Didgeridoo in partnership with their Indigenous brothers to an audience of billions.

It is time, the Elders said.

My heart sings.

April 6th 2018

Photo Taken April 6th 2018