Do you love your business? Your work? Your life?

At the heart of all that we do is love. Without love anything we do in the world is transactional, sterile, disconnected, soulless.  Life without love is a life starved. Without love a business has no light, no attraction. Nothing about it invites participation.

Love enables us to nourish our business in the hard times, to stay the course when staff are behaving badly, to seek help over and above our own abilities when we cannot see our way forward.

Love is the fuel of endurance, perseverance and integrity.

Love grants you the place to lead from.

Love is not to be measured, or dispensed in increments. It is present, or it is missing.

When love is missing everyone knows it. But few will discuss it. So desensitised have we become to work places, public places, governments, systems and industries that exist without love.

When love is present we can feel it. It is there in the details, in the care and attention, in the courage to act against all odds. It lives in thoughtfulness and design. In excellence. In deep and abiding care. In discipline.

There is no greater marketing than love. A business built with love, for love, by love speaks its own story so loudly it can be heard from the heavens. So hungry are we for love we will travel across the oceans to experience it.

Is love the foundation  of your business? Your work?

Linh Nguyen via Compfight


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