Love isn’t something that happened to us

Lovers on the beach at dawn with seagulls. One of my most favourite photo’s. Capturing a moment where, off script, two people, strangers to me, kissed in the perfect dawn light.

It reminds me of transience. Synchronicity. Kairos time. (divine time)

What story did these two people write?

What story have I written as this moment, captured in time in this photograph that they do not know exists, has affected my experience?

The photograph speaks to me of youth and beauty. Of all of those times we might have found ourselves in this situation of passion as the tide of life sweeps by.

It also calls me to challenge my own myths that these moments are for the young.

Mostly it reminds me to hold each moment as sacred. To not fall into nostalgia and longing for something past. But to cherish the magic of now.

Love isn’t something that happened to us.

Love is metaphysical gravity. The glue that holds it all together. Always present. It is only us, me, who deny its infinite availability.

January 22nd 2018

Photo taken 13th May 2012


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