When we encounter moral acts in business, we encounter beauty.

Interestingly, in the Islamic tradition, the words for beauty, virtue and morality are the same.

In the past 24 hours in my world….

**Comments that the “#Illridewithyou” were inappropriate and not sensitive to the hostages as the Sydney Siege was still taking place. Yet #illridewithyou was started as a moral act, and moved many people to tears…as well as demonstrated to anyone seeking to malign another for their choice of religion or dress that the Australian majority would not stand for bigotry.

To malign this act as insensitive or inappropriate is to squash natural human goodness…something that needs far more airplay than currently gets our attention.

Sensitivity and care has been expressed in a massive outpouring as evidenced by the sea of flowers in Martin Place. Surely there is the place for both…..? Plus many more acts of morality, kindness and beauty?

Besides, the field effects of #illridewithyou is the opportunity for diverse strangers to start a conversation…bridging divides….and we need so much more of that.

**This morning at my local artisan coffee shop overlooking the mighty Pacific, Tim, the Barista, artist and singer, pulled out his ukelele and sang Silent Night. It was extraordinary. Beautifully sang. A spontaneous gesture of giving. Truly a gift that I and one other customer were blessed to be a part of.

**As I was listening to a talk given by the Dalai Lama on my run this morning, he spoke as he does with such elegant simplicity of how we can look at tragedy from multiple perspectives. Perhaps the Dalai Lama is most famously known for being the embodiment of happiness, even as his life has included great tragedy. To focus on the tragedy, or the injustice, to stay living in the hate and fear, does not serve self or the world.

Sometimes moral acts and virtuous intentions cause harm. It is the nature of the world. Do we punish and criticize the person/people who sought to act with love, respect and generosity for this? Or do we honour them for choosing to act in this way, when it is so easy to choose to act with continued fear, hate, scarcity?

Finally, when we give love, more love is created. When we give beauty, more beauty is experienced. When we give laughter, more laughter happens. Giving qualities only creates more of the qualities…even if that quality is fear.

When we give from the material world we are working with limited resources…this type of giving is a win lose game, no matter which way you slice it.

In a world that is built on a system of scarcity, where especially at this time of year giving material gifts is the practice, to give more love, generosity, acts of morality, virtue and beauty only adds to these qualities in the world.

Personally, I want to see more of these…not another shopping mall or online store. …or people you are not in the arena criticizing those brave enough to be in the arena. And even more specifically, I want to see business that lives and breaths these qualities and values. Beautiful business…

Yes, yes, yes to that.

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