Nothing happens until someone/you…moves. (Albert Einstein)

On some level it doesn’t matter what the movement is…as long as there is movement.

Buckminster Fuller described it as precession…and until you move there is no possibility of a precessional effect, which is natures main effect. Go for the goal and get the precession. Go for the honey and get life on Earth. (Bee’s)

The other day I was giving a talk about health. The audience was statistically representative of our society. More than 60% overweight/obese. This representative group confessed to little to no movement. For decades!

You have to move.

A member of my family is deeply unhappy at work. But what to do? No clear path.

It matters little…just pick something…the thing that is most attractive…and do it. It will get the Universe in play again. The ideal path will soon be revealed.

As a Chiropractor, I have the ability to touch the human body and feel movement or lack of. With age  movement/flexibility generally diminishes. However this lack of movement is more often a response to lack of full body movement, lack of care, lack of flexible thinking…we do literally become rigid with age. But we can change this..we can become/or stay flexible and strong…if we apply ourselves to doing so.

You have to move.

Your business is stuck. The world is changing around you…

Too many of our current businesses are stuck in rigid patterns of organisation, hierarchy, bloated and over controlling management…so far removed from the very principles on which the original business was created. (Nokia is a beautiful example of this)

The entrepreneur becomes terrified of losing all that they have built and so rejects the very agility and spontaneity that enabled the business to thrive in the first place.

You have to move.

Your relationship is falling apart…you have to move…do something different…speak up…get help, reach out…

Nothing happens when we stay stuck and still. Nature is never static. Equilibrium always involves motion.

It always starts with that very first step.

And if you do not know what the first step is, then put on some music and dance. Keep dancing…keep moving, until the first step is revealed…**

**also an option for a team ….


Photo credit: Guy Fawkes via Compfight

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