Naturalising the economy. Applying the laws of nature to enterprise design

What is the impulse in humans that says we have dominion over Earth and her creatures? 

Is it born in us, or is it because we are born into a structure and system that says we build our enterprise and wealth off extracting from the Commons? Many indigenous people knew to walk the land with reverence.

As William H. Gates Sr me a first-generation fortune, and I will show you a successful partnership between a talented individual and society’s invisible venture capitalist, the Commons.

Rather than commodifying nature, perhaps we might naturalise the economy.

Perhaps we might apply the laws inherent in nature to our enterprise design, the way we coordinate humans and each other, and our governance and legal structures. 

Is it not time for us to place our home planet as the sacred place that we refuse to desecrate? 

To know that our creatures, all of them, including us, are inter-dependant, inter-related, and completely synergistic. The extinction of one breaks the integrity of the whole.

It is towards this more beautiful world that Syntropic Enterprise is dedicated. How to do this, how to lead change. To build new models, maps and mindsets that make our current ones obsolete.

February 24th 2020

Photo taken January 12th, 2018