When an idea for a project arrives, it might take incubation before it starts to occupy our very being.

To be occupied by an idea shaping into the form of a project is a joyous thing.

It wakes us at 2:23 AM. It creeps into our mediations. 

Synchronicities occur when we meet the right people or are handed the right resources to get the next step into motion.

Children know this experience even if short-lived. A project with paint or buckets or paper becomes their whole world.

To be bored might be a yearning to be occupied by the creative love of birthing a project.

We want to be seized. We want to give of our whole selves to something. If an idea does not do this, then perhaps it is not really ours to bring to life.

And afterwards, we rest. We become bored. We pray to be occupied.

If we are lucky, the cycle repeats.

April 11th 2019

Photo taken April 11th, 2019