I find myself sitting in this question. When we grow up to another stage of human development, does the operating principles of the Universe also grow up with us? Or in my case, does the operating principles of the Universe direct us clearly to grow up by no longer working in the formulamatic way of linear goal setting?

The world I came from was along the lines of…pick a goal, work hard at it, and harvest the fruits of your labour.

But for so long this formula simply has not worked for me. Broken with disappointment after years of giving my all to one goal or another, thwarted at every intersection, I had to do something differently.

Finally there was no other choice but to surrender and let it all go. My egoic ‘I’ could no longer be the ‘picker’ of the goal. The goal had to be emergent. Spontaneously arousable from within. I had to be willing to let go of any form of outcome. And simply set myself in motion.

The new keys I am discovering are…..emergent, beyond small self, stay in motion, let go of all attachment to form, focus on next step only, auto correct, continue…at each step pull back and see the whole, in relationship with the Universe…

And behind all of this is a thread….which is the thread of my life…sometimes we cannot see it exactly…but it is always there. Our unique an beautiful pattern integrity.

In these images of the sun rise, the pattern integrity is always the sun, the light, the beach and perhaps clouds. Same beach, same sun…but each day so remarkably different.


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