Perhaps the opposite of heartbreak is wonder

Heartbreak – familiar to us all.

If you are sincere about any endeavour, a project, your work, or a creative expression, then heartbreak is assured.

If we give our all to love, then love will teach us, over a lifetime, that we are stewards of its becoming. That the form of its manifestation into the world will never quite look like we expected. And in the crucible of its birthing, it will be forged with its unique pattern integrity that we could not predict.

Be that a relationship, a project, or this morning’s contemplation.

In the space between what we expected, and what might emerge, we might experience heartbreak or….. wonder?

Perhaps the opposite of heartbreak is wonder. (I wonder as this thought arises.)

Our role, our exquisite role, if we submit to it, is to tune into that unique pattern integrity of the emergent and give it the best possible field of play.

This is what it takes to be wholehearted.

January 21st 2018

Photo taken 21st January 2018

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