I have been thinking a lot about water. Flow. Ease. Without effort.

Water flows. And if it doesn’t have a path to flow, it stops for a time, until it either dries up, or there is extra water added and it flows again.

If it comes to a rock, it flows around. Or over. In so doing the flow may become turbulent. Obstacles do not hinder the flow, but they may create turbulence.

It doesn’t go against its nature and try to flow up hill. It is not determined to take the straightest path down the hill, only the one that is most easy.

Water lives in three dimensions…the dimension of spirit…steam…the dimension of water…flow, and the dimension of ice…stored energy.

We know when we look at an ocean that we are seeing water…water that has flown down from somewhere, and will then become steam, only to be converted back to water…repeating the cycle over and over.

I think about water and I think about a human life. How hard we make life. How unlike water we are.

Perhaps we can learn from water.


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