Choosing in your marrow is very different than choosing half assed. The difference lies in the micro spaces. The small details. Taking action that others don’t. Going the extra. That last 1%, or .099%.

[inlinetweet prefix=”” tweeter=”” suffix=””]To really make a choice to commit to a course of action, a decision, is to have every fibre of your being back you.[/inlinetweet] Every fibre. Right down to your toe nails.

That doesn’t mean you will not have some doubt, fear, excitement….

It means a YES. Visceral, embodied, emotional and mental YES. Yes to this. My all to this. All in. All. In.

Sure there are some places where a half assed yes is acceptable.  I like people who have a beloved wrinkle…a little weird and out of kilter aspects to themselves…as I know they are real humans and not some projection of perfection…

The more you play in the spaces of full commitment to your choices, the more your energy field/charisma becomes coherent…and this field effect ripples out far and wide.

Today I am considering my choices…the number of choices I have made that have been half assed. Way too many.

My practice from now is to make those key choices and be all in. Or don’t make them. No more half assed. This means that I would rather have one or two, or maybe three choices only at play…because all in is not the smorgasbord. It is the small plate selection. Very carefully selected…and then the practice becomes dedication and focus. And saying no to everything else.


Photo credit: Bill Dickinson via Compfight

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