Remember who you are

Remember who you are. You may not have accumulated evidence of our current world views version of success. Stuff, more stuff, insta fame, the Face Book life of travel and parties and beautiful people.

These visuals are literally snapshots of moments, absent the full story behind them, absent truth of heart callouses and soul-dismembering decisions.

Remember who you are. How you stand for truth, justice, all-human dignity. How your journey to here means something real. Every single callous, cut, bruise, broken bone, fractured heart.

Raise your head, stand firm to ground. Square your shoulders, straighten your spine. Look to the world your heart knows is possible to create, one dignified step at a time.

Back yourself. Never forget the majesty of the gift of decency, respect, love, care, compassion, comprehensive consideration. Through the noise of the world distracted by false gods of insta beauty and fame, a drought of the real, of wholehearted meaning and connection, there you are.

The single shoot of life determined to thrive in the desert. Ah, but not alone, around you thousands of other shoots…determined to build beautiful together.

October 15th 2018

Photo taken October 24th 2017