The old formula’s that used to work no longer work.

No amount of wishing and hoping and trying lands.

Certainty and consistency have been blown to Siberia.

All that is left is…..

More questions….than answers..

Chaos….where order used to lie, and perhaps some glimmers of order where chaos was…or just total chaos.

The profound requirement to let go. Not just at the superficial level, but right down to bare bones. Naked, vulnerable. NOT KNOWING. This is a requirement. Therefore it is not optional.

No rules…

Where the desire to grow is stronger than the desire for safety. This is key. If you do not use this key then you will be stuck in no man’s land for years…decades…joined by millions of others who live half lives..

…safety is an illusion and a trap. Letting go and safety are not able to live in the same sentence/sequence.

And finally…what emerges is..

If you endure….if you stay the course…if you ask for and act with courage…if you relinquish the delusion of safety…if you let go down to your bones…

A whole new way of being that is closer to home, closer to love, steeped in wisdom…soul nourishing.. emerges.


Ask of any of the great leaders…was this their path in one way or another…and all will say yes. We have to burn, burn up the extraneous stories, belief, noise, behaviours…we have to burn up the clinging to security, safety, attachment, greed and scarcity…

It all must go for our light to find its way home.

Of course it is perfect. If I am to learn that Universe supports me, then the best way to learn is through the illusion of the solo journey..where there is no apparent support in the physical world….no partner…

If I am to learn that abundance is the design of Universe, then I will experience apparent scarcity.

What feels like a lifetime has indeed been on fast track. The ideal conditions set in place for maximum learning. Hard, rigorous, not the the faint of heart…

All the rules have changed…am I paying attention? Have I fully let go…to the life that is wanting to become..beyond my ability to control or shape it?

What a beautiful question.


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