Corruption is derived from two root words. Cor which is Latin for the heart, and rumpere, which means to break.[inlinetweet prefix=”” tweeter=”” suffix=””]


To act with corruption is to act from a heart that is broken, not able to feel. A numb heart.


How do we step over some of the issues in our world and ‘normalise’ them? Issues like child slavery, any form of starvation, be that human or animal in any place on earth, the ability for a minority to hold almost all of the wealth and power, the destruction of Earth, cruelty to animals, cruelty to humans…that it is OK for Saudi Arabia to behead 19 people in one month but a crime for ISIS to do the same…??

I believe in my heart that most people are good. That the path to bad actions is through little atrocities. That somehow they find themselves doing bad things because bad has become normal. Everyone is doing it…so it must not be that bad. order to get ahead…I need to join that crowd.

We know, without doubt, that destroying the Earth is bad. Just as we can look back at slavery and wonder how we ever condoned it, we will one day look back at our ability to do great harm to the Earth and wonder how we did that.

The seeds of corruption is to NOT feel. To numb out our feelings. For then we can stay immune, keep safe, not end up in a puddle on the floor. To not die inside from heartbreak. To not really connect, see….to not feel.

[inlinetweet prefix=”” tweeter=”” suffix=””]We have to get better at feeling, not just at feeling better.[/inlinetweet] (as quoted by Polly Higgins in her podcast to be released November 7th 2014)

We have to get better at feeling. Business leaders, CEO’s, entrepreneurs, politicians…we have to get better at feeling. We have to drop the stiff upper lip and the mask…the ‘professional’ face. We have to crack open. Be undone. Have a flood of snot coming from our nose.

I want you to feel the pain of the oil spill on the birds, fish, animals…I want you to feel the pain of an 8 year old sold into sex slavery, I want you to feel the pain of the employee at Walmart who works for a wage that doesn’t cover the cost of living. I want you to feel the pain of people who do honest work, hard work, good work, and struggle to make ends meet, while someone else can be paid silly money to move digits around on a screen. I want you to feel the pain of the Earth as we dig her up, rob her, tear down her trees, pollute her rivers, fill her airways with smog, and destroy species forever….

We have to start feeling. We have to be moved to our marrow. Numb and ‘normalized’ is killing us…and dare I say…is killing you.

We have to feel. Really feel.

This is what is calling you at 2:23AM. It will not be silenced. Cannot be silenced.

And when you allow your heart to be cracked open…and you let all the pain rise up from the buried places, know this is a good thing. Even though it might well engulf you beyond your ability to do anything but feel.

This, this will move us away from the corruption that has infested us all.

We have to start feeling…


Photo credit: Creative Commons License stallio via Compfight

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