I screwed up.

On Saturday the 23rd I launched the 2.23AM podcast. The day started at 8 am and finished at 10pm.

As a 18 year veteran of listening to another person at the most profoundly deep level, asking the most significant questions (usually the ones that were not expected, because my work involved hearing well below the surface noise to what was really going on) and engaging in conversations rarely had, the interview was the easy part.

Learning the Garage Band application, and uploading to itunes, stitcher and soundcloud…this was the steep learning curve.

As a result, the original upload was far from perfect. My introduction has this curious metronome playing in the background and for the life of me, I could not remove it.

Rather than not post the podcast, I hit upload. Warts and all. I knew the interview itself was quality. That was the most important part. Monday I went out and took a quick 1-1 class on Garage Band, and today we uploaded a version without the background beat.

I had made the commitment to ship it on the 23rd, and so we did…irritating sound in the intro and all. For some this would have been the wrong move. Not perfect. Don’t ship.

For me this gets to the underpinning values we hold behind 2.23AM. Absolute perfect is important in some things, but not all.

We seek perfection is alignment of message delivery, in our care for the people we are serving, in holding the space for the 2.23AM impulse to maintain its integrity. I was not interested in my small part being perfect. The 2.23AM project is not about me..it is far bigger than me.

If this annoyed you, I apologize. Hopefully you endured the first minute and stayed for the meat of the interview. If you want to go listen now….you can do so without the annoying noise.

We have to choose our perfections. To have an addiction to perfection can be as much an issue as to be sloppy.

To try to project ourselves as perfect people and leaders is exhausting. And will never be true.

I want real from others. I give real back. I am far from perfect. 2.23AM is far from perfect. We embrace forever beta. Not afraid to ship, always keen to learn to be better.


Photo credit : silangel via Compfight

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