Some people have this skill in spades…walk into a room full of people and they can quickly assess the dynamics, relationship, tensions, polarities and coherence in the interpersonal spaces.

It is in the spaces that the map maker looks…the field around which people convene. Sure you will get clues from the language, dress and animation  of the individuals, and their proximity to each other.

But read the spaces…the flows of energy. The unspoken tensions, attractions, contractions.

You have had this experience before…you have walked into a silent room and known before your mind could make the synaptic leap that moments before there had been an argument. Some part of your body feels it.

Social cartography requires an acuity of attention. Like a radio set, we need to tune into the frequency of the spaces. Like any skill, it can be learned.

The wonder is that in the learning you will become a far better leader, listener, enabler…than you could have imagined…

Photo credit: erinhickey via Compfight



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