Soul food

A stranger just brought me a coffee. A friend of a friend, a man with a beautiful smile and such a generous heart, brought me a coffee. As he was leaving, I said to him, in a moving moment, “You never know the back story an act of generosity can affect.”

We never know how our acts, kind or cruel, affect people. How a smile, a pay-it-forward moment, lift people from a dark place. Affirm that humanity, after all, has the capacity to be kind.

Or how a cruel word, said through the shadow of our own pain, can cut someone already fragile, down.

As I reflect on the magnificence of this simple act, given in purity, I am grateful for a meal shared last eve with friends. Food made with love, wine crafted from soil and vine through love, and words and hearts present with love.

Not castles or accumulated things – but love shared through wine, food, and friends. Conversation that speaks of humanity, dignity, and our work in the world. Generosity expressed in a myriad of ways. Open heart, open being, open mind.

This is mana. Soul food.

With the sunrise this morning, and my gifted coffee, I am wealthy beyond imagination.

August 25th 2018

Photo Taken August 25th 2018