The currency of the Soul

Currency means to run, to flow. It is a condition of flowing.

For currency to stagnate and accumulate it immediately violates the integral properties of its essence.

Yet we have built a monetary system based on increase through accumulation and hoarding.

Or, to say this another way, we have built a monetary system that by its very design, violates the foundation of its design. A true house of cards.

The currency of the Soul, the condition of flow that nurtures, feeds and regenerates the Soul, are the very currencies that can only increase through their flow.

Love, generosity, kindness, care, respect, beauty.

We are taught we live in a world that has scarce resources. That money is a scarce resource. Yet money depends on a story being upheld by everyone simultaneously. The moment we realise we have been held ransom to a false construct is the moment we can build currencies that flow and regenerate in infinite abundance.

October 29th 2018

Photo taken November 24th 2017