It is built into nature. To be attracted to the bright shiny things. The fish to the lure. The female peacock to the male in full plumage. The male to the female in full youthful and fertile splendor.

Perhaps nature, our consummate teacher, has a purpose to this. Perhaps nature wants us to learn that the bright shiny things are the distraction. That behind the bright shiny things is the real gold.

Take bitcoin. Crypto currency, bright and shiny…yet behind bitcoin lies block chain. Block chain is where the real gold lies. The architecture of block chain will ensure massive disruption to the indestructible behemoths industries (too big to fail)… like banking, finance, contract law, insurance.

Next time your whole being jumps reflexively towards the bright shiny thing, try to catch yourself. Stop. See the bright shiny thing for what it is. A seductive lure. You are the bait. Look deeper. Seek the real gold.


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