As a serial entrepreneur I have tried many things and failed with almost equal frequency.

At this, the very pointy end of my business gestation….moments before birth of the 2.23am project…of this I am sure…you have to want something so much…and in that wanting so much the why transcends mere self.

The stoics practiced the obstacle as the way. Today…I have obstacles…and yet I know, in my bones, they are surmountable.

I am not sure how..and my head hurts with trying to figure that out.

The single best thing I could do right now is stop. Stop thinking, stop trying, stop working the obstacle. Relax. Let it go. Breath.

It may be counter-intuitive…but we all know intuition happens when we are not worrying the issue…you remember the forgotten name when you have stopped trying to remember it.

In my past ventures the why was not big enough. Obstacles became stopping points. This was telling in its own right. I tried many things because I actually wasn’t really committed at that time to any one path.

Today I am committed…and right in front of me are obstacles…with the opportunity right behind them.

I love sport because it is in the sports arena that I watch people overcome obstacles to achieve. While they may have the wobbles of doubt, underneath that is an unwavering flame of forward movement.

It is to this I turn today…minus the doubt. Clear on the why…just not sure how.


Photo credit: See Wah Cheng via Compfight


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