To belong

To belong. One of our deepest desires.

To be a part of something, be that a family, a community or a project.

The pain of being excluded, being on the outside, is a pain we all share.

The ache of watching others in their togetherness. Not even jealousy, simple pain of isolation, separateness, longing to belong.

The mystic traditions agree that the path of our human transformation is to recognise that our separation is the delusion. That we are indeed like drops of water from the ocean. That our bodies are made of the stars, literally. That within us are the atoms of everyone on Earth.

The light of the sun is within us through the food we eat.

The ground holds me as I walk.

The air that we all share connects us through an invisible web.

Our current stories of economy and politics work to keep us separate.

Our work is to craft new stories that start with Universe, the one song, the whole – and in so doing inhabit a new story that leaves no one or no thing out.

May 29th 2018

Photo Taken May 29th 2018