To practise self-care

In a world of objectification, where humans are reduced to labour, sex, numbers and titles such as consumer, many of us, myself included, fail to step back from self. To observe self with the objective witnessing view.

If we did, we might be disturbed at how we treat ourselves.

Be that the flogging of our inner voice constantly haranguing about how we are not enough – not good enough, pretty enough, smart enough, slim enough, wealthy enough.

Or how we fail to feed ourselves with good food, adequate rest, human connection, adventure, wonder, and simple spontaneous acts of joy.

How we undercharge for our value. How we give ourselves away. How we so often give so unreservedly to support others, yet fail to do the same with ourselves.

To practise self-care and self-love is not a narcissistic tendency. Narcissism comes from a profound lack.

This is care as we would our own child. With tenderness, infinite love, holding the space for the magnificent potential we see so clearly, and crossing the many barriers of discomfort to support our own child’s every opportunity. It includes doing the things that we are afraid of.

Because for those we love, causes we love, we do this, every time.

Today I am a cause I love. I hope you join me.

June 10th 2018


Photo Taken July 16th 2016


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