“You can’t handle the truth” yelled Col.Jessup forcefully to Lt. Kaffee in the famous court room scene from the great movie, “A Few Good Men.”

Col. Jessup was right. Almost all of us cannot handle the truth. Not the real truth. The whole truth. And so we carefully craft our lives to avoid facing it.

We drug ourselves, over eat, stay extra busy, sleep too much or too little. Lurch from one addiction to another. Because underneath is a truth that we are desperately trying to ignore. Yet, paradoxically, in this truth is our ultimate emancipation. Our deepest integrity.

Truths like….my life is a lie. My relationship is hollow. Our leaders lie, and we say that is OK. Our governments are corrupt and I am doing nothing about it. My child is taking drugs, my partner is having an affair. I have spent my life working at a heartless job because I sold my soul a long time ago out of fear. I have a house full of stuff I don’t really want, or rarely use. I am so afraid to take the step I most want to take because I might fail. Or, even deeper. I am a liar. I am a cheat. I betray myself. I betray.

We are at the stage of human evolution where everything is speeding up. Like it or not. We have transited from the age of matter to the age of energy. The solar age. The age of light.

Our children have developed the capacity to tune into signals and frequencies that we are unable to access. Their receptors are hyper sensitive. They have all the AD’s and other autism’s that seem to be spreading like wildfire.  We have no historical way of supporting them in this. So we resort to drugging them into somnolence. We do not have the language or the tools to deal with the new wiring of the new human. We have no pathways to navigate. There are no leaders who know how to run businesses and governments in this solar age. And besides they are so buried in a system of lies and complicity that there is no distinction between the true and the beautiful. North is lost to them.

We are trying to apply the old pathways to new roads. And what a mess that creates.

If we really had the courage we would be in a constant dialogue with truth. Truth at the speed of light. Available to us 24/7. Tuning into the highest frequency of truth. Silent long enough to listen and hear. Brave enough to act. Wise enough to listen to the truths of others as ours emerges and so build a coherent whole.

There is no plan to this level of truth. It emerges. Whole and intact, in the moment.

But can we handle it? Take a deep breath…your life is calling. Life is calling all of us. Can you hear it?

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