We are all unique. That is what is so fabulous.

But no one is special. Or everyone is special. Pick one or the other.

I prefer the latter…to approach everyone as special..which is a big commitment and one that I fail at often.

My little 4 kg dog, Milly, an embodiment of love on four legs, treats everyone as special. She just see’s people and the opportunity to say hello and maybe score a friendly pat. She does not see colour, size, costume. Just people.

Businesses that treat everyone as special have an edge. By everyone I mean the people who come to work each day, the people who are the customer, and the people who supply services to the business…plus the community the business touches…the potential community…in other words.. all people.

It’s what I call the Milly principle. Show up with joy, see everyone as special and just maybe you might score the dog pat equivalent.

PS. Our celebrity addicted culture has ensured that we all want to be seen as special. I am not alone in this. There is a part of me, often an arrogant part of me, that feels more special than someone else. When this part of me shows up I know it is actually my insecurity leading. Most of us have this aspect of self. The “I am more special than you.” It is the seed of bullying and righteousness. It carries the sword of cruelty. It wipes out any possibility of humility.

A business as unusual workplace is a place to celebrate uniqueness and specialness is all people in a unique a special way.


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