In no particular order;

1. profit at all costs

2. making junk that the world doesn’t need (obnoxico)

3. making stuff that in the process creates so much other stuff that is stuffing people, environments and our future. (like toxic waste, pollution, slave labour, child labour, CO2 emissions)

4. having no care for the people, or the community

5. paying obscene wages to people who are successful at making more money at any cost

6. the structure of the shareholder ROI based only on profit in dollars

7. red tape and regulation piled on red tape and regulation because people don’t want to take responsibility

8. building things without any design ethic, design thinking, or long term consideration

9. charging silly high interest rates which surpass risk, and are founded in greed.

10. using seduction and manipulation marketing to put people under a spell to buy more junk that they don’t need

11. planned obsolescence. For some things that are evolving rapidly, this is understandable, but for things like house hold appliances – kettle’s, microwaves etc, they should last 10 plus years.

12. an addiction to short termism

13. limiting the entire view to the single metric of money

14. being able to buy elections. This used to be regarded as a crime, but today it is common practice. Those with the biggest cheque books get the power.

15. a limit of imagination…

16. mechanistic businesses that have zero heart and soul

17. an organisational structure that creates density, lack of responsibility, inefficiency

18. losing sight of the core intention of the business

19. a denial of the certain impending future

20. lying, cheating and rorting the system because they can (usually due to #1, profit at all costs – as per the global banking cartel, the oil cartel, etc)

This list is not complete.

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