A task of leadership is to figure out what is the question that we should be taking about in our business now.

A great question stirs you, inhabits your dreams, invites deep conversation, promotes inspiration and creativity, evokes the future.

What is the question that if you had an answer for it, it would set you free?

Organisations that do not confront the difficult questions are going to do it tough in a world of increasing complexity.

What have we said yes to in the past that we now need to say no to?

What doubts do we have, and why?

What are the gifts we have organised around to deliver? And are we delivering on our promises?

What is the possibility we are organised to live in to, to declare to the world?

What is the courage that is required from us now?

What is the crossroads that we are at, or approaching?

What is the gift you have just received from each other in this moment?

What language do we need to change in order to shift our culture to something more honouring?

What would it take to create a future distinct from the past…better for all?

Who will care for the common good and why should that matter to us?

Is our business model serving our promises?

How do we honour real value in all things?

What are the questions you are asking in your business?

Photo credit: Creative Commons License Roland O’Daniel via Compfight


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