When was the last time you cried tears of joy?


In writing this I thought hard about leaving the line above and adding nothing else. The question is so evocative and worth considering.

I had to really hold this question close to find an answer, which in its own way was disturbing.

Two major memories arose.

I had been holding the space for an extraordinary event, and as the person responsible for fundraising and ensuring its financial viability, I had never doubted we would get the money, but when it did arrive from a place I had had to give my ALL repeatedly in asking – I broke down. The immensity of the holding was too much.

A friend gifted me beyond comprehension – so completely selflessly – to the degree that my worthiness to receive was overwhelmed. I had to ask him to leave. I simply was not wired to be able to receive such a selfless act of generosity.

March 14th 2018

Photo Taken January 29th 2017 


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