Old way

Will this make money? How do we make money from this? This is not making money so we need to cut corners. The competition are doing “x”, maybe we should do something like them.

2.23AM way. Business as unusual

Why we are doing this is so compelling people will walk across cut glass to be a part of this.

Our values are sacred ground. They are inviolate.

We are passionate about serving our customers in the most amazing way, consistently, without exception.

ONLY when we are super clear about why we do what we do and what values we will not ever compromise do we then raise the question of money. Now, only now we get to place this in the field of money and financial constraints. Now we can ask the question…how do we make this viable? Not just viable with money but viable with every measure of value. By placing the core of who you are and what your business is creating in the field you engage creativity at the highest level. The constraints actually inspire brilliance, difference, creativity, novelty that the old way simply cannot.

When you are clear about the why the way becomes possible.

There is nothing wrong with making a shit load of money. But money is the precessional effect of a brilliant why, and not the goal in and of itself.

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