Back to delight

This morning, a dolphin jumped out of the water two feet from my surfboard. 

I have so many dolphin encounters, yet they never fail to fill me with delight.

It is one of those perfect summer mornings. Not too hot, a gentle breeze. No requirement for a wetsuit in the water. 

The waves were moving fast. My anxiety arrived after a failed attempt to catch one.

This mind of mine – so fragile as a beginner/intermediate. A little thought of doubt plants itself, and it takes an excavator to dislodge it. Even an excavator might not succeed.

I watch myself as this seed persists. Not simply occupying my mind, it infects my body.

Here I am, on a perfect morning, surrounded by too many people seeking to catch waves, watching myself under the influence of this spreading seed of doubt.

Perhaps more than learning to surf, the practice is learning to put myself back in charge of a rouge mind. A contagious seed of doubt that goes from small to all-consuming in a microsecond.

I am heartened to hear others, even those with decades of surfing experience, seized by the same torment. 

The dolphin jumping out of the water right in front of me makes me laugh with joy. 

It is the joy, the being in the present, bringing my mind that has raced away into images of catastrophe and harm, back. Back to delight. Joy. Being here.

Grateful that this is my life. A clean ocean and the opportunity to surf every day is a gift so few have.

Hello dolphin. I had forgotten who I am, who we are.

Photo Taken January 13th 2024