There is a brilliant dance in nature between networks and hierarchies.

The Lion rules the predatory kingdom.

The Mycelium network is only just teaching humans of its undeniable network intelligence.

When the predatory hierarchy dominates collapse occurs to the ecosystem. The greedy little caterpillar eating all the leaves ends up starving out his fellows. The Walmart worker starved of a living wage can no longer afford to shop at Walmart.

Yet the network continues. Bacteria adapt, and, after the drought, thrive again in a new form.

We humans too readily feel powerless in the dominator hierarchy. There is a cultural myth that ‘power over’ and the accumulation of power through money and status is the only way to thrive.

We need to awaken to the ever present power of the network. Know that when we work together, united behind a compelling strange attractor or purpose, no dominator hierarchy will even win. It is our connections, our influence as collaborators that is the real power.

Not through the isolated individual, but through the synergistic collective.

Together we thrive, together we rise.

*I personally believe that in designing networks it might be relevant to have a creative hierarchy or values steward. This is very different to a dominator hierarchy. An individual or group of individuals who’s role is not to dominate humans, but to be the steward of the Source Idea. A keeper of the good, the true and the beautiful. 

Photo taken 27th January 2018

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