To cultivate our own indigenality

Indigenous – within two we beget. A system of two based on being within a productive or creative complimentary system of relationships.

To develop our own indigenality we must go within, deep into the flow of our own intuitive connection to the whole. This is a practise requiring life long patient commitment as we listen to the subtile nuance of our connection.

As we do this we forge a relationship between ourselves and the whole in which we exist, dancing, flowing, receiving, giving, respecting the dynamic of the relationship we have as individuals to the larger whole in which we inhabit.

To be restored to a relationship of oneness to that which we believed we are separate from… nature, the land, the sky, earth, its creatures… is to find our ground, our centre and our soul.

To cultivate our own indigenality is to find our way home as we have never felt before. Indigenous wisdom is a partnership, a communion, a listening that transcends our desire to have dominion over any life form, Earth, or our home planet.

Photo taken November 18th 2020

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