Coherence and resonance

I was asked this week to distinguish between coherence and resonance. 

As a forever student of the source of ideas, including words, to seek their Pattern Integrity that was evident at the source, the etymological dictionary is my number #1 resource.

Coherence – to stick to – to stick together, to cohere.

Resonance – directly from Latin resonantia “echo,” from resonare “to sound again”

To be coherent is to bond with. To be resonant is to create a harmonic that is an echo of the original. 

When we are delivering a message, a coherent message is one that will stick. It lands and makes sense. It can be a new idea, or a reframe of another idea.

A resonant message is one that reflects the previous message, or the thoughts and feelings of another. To echo the other. When we hear a resonant message we nod our heads in agreement. It is a message that we also hold as true.

To use our voice and being to deliver our message we need both coherence and resonance. 

We need to speak thoughts that cohere with the other for the first time. 

And we need to have a message that resonants with others.

To simply be resonant is to feed the tribe what they already know. To be coherent is to enable a new thought, a new perspective, a new idea…to land and take root.

Photo taken February 8th 2014

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