This I heard quoted by my teacher/guide Hiro Boga on an audio this morning on my run.

The subject was power. Real, authentic power. You know, that stuff we all have yet often misplace?

The stuff that has been abused in almost all of our public and private institutions…were control is the poor replacement. Control that we allow to diminish, reduce, belittle, break, destroy.

But control is never power. Nelson Mandela knew this, after 27 years of prison. To give the system, or the guards, or the time in history… control ..would have been to give away all his power to those exterior forces. We love him because he did not.

We are each born with power. It is the very force that comes right after desire.

At the level of Source, there is desire..for animation, light…and to take this to form requires power. Current, electricity, flow, charge.

Control is not the same. Control is the dam wall stopping the flow of water. If someone has a gun at your head, literally or figuratively, they might appear to have control. But they never have control of your choice. Of how you react. Of the story you tell yourself about the situation. Of your choice for dignity. To give them these things is to give them what they want…which is you to give away your power.

This is why I am so opposed to all the noise about bullies…that we should stop the bullies. I say..why not teach people to be in their power…for in this action a bully has no field to play. This extends out from the children’s playground, and into politics, banking, business, finance, the situation in the current hot spots in the world…(ISIS, etc)

When I try to control an outcome…when I try to get a different result that the one that is happening, I might think this is power. Like the dam wall, the water will flow, and spill, eventually. My control, at enormous effort, has a cost. Someone..often many..will pay.

Man has tried to control nature for a long time. We are now paying the price. Nature always wins.

Power interestingly, is flow. Ease.

The question I am asking….how do I allow true power to be present in this situation, allowing the ease and flow of what is occurring to replace the effort and push?

It occurs to me the answer might lie in polarity…


Photo credit: Creative Commons License bark via Compfight


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