Most people have walked into a room and felt the tension that exists when the people in the room have been fighting.

This is felt even before your rational brain has had the chance to analyze the situation. Our reptilian brain senses danger and our body responds.

The ability to tune into the very subtle nuances in the energetic space is a skill that can be developed. Our ability to feel the kind of tension mentioned above is the less refined version of this.

In order to get the subtle distinctions within the energetic space the person tuning in must be fully present. No part of their thought process can be in the future or past. They must be grounded and absent any extreme of emotion. And most of all, they must allow themselves to go into a deep listening space, or deep feeling space. And they must trust what they are receiving/feeling, without layering over it their own interpretations. Feel the feeling first. Then think about it.

Why is this type of skill so important?

The simple answer is to count the many times you have done something, said something, responded to something and afterwards realised that you knew differently. That there was a deeper level of knowing that was tugging at the corners of your mind.

When we practice cultivating felt sense, we make better decisions. We are more tuned into life and its flow. We are paying attention. We are more in our bodies. We are more in present time. We are more respectful.

This is a high quality and rarely cultivated leadership skill. It is a part of the currently popular focus on developing mindfulness.

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Photo credit: Creative Commons License Susi Watson via Compfight



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