Almost every human I have met wants to be appreciated for their essential value.

Just what is that? What is our essential value? And how, in our scientific Cartesian reflexiveness, do we measure that?

We are very bad at it as humans. As enterprise.

The pain I have experienced in my life is because of a failure to be seen for my value. Truth is, it is also a failure for me to see my own value. Indeed, the failure has started right there. With me.

Hard when the value a person has doesn’t fit the stereotype of needed and wanted in the prevailing world view. Rebellious. Different. Edgy. Future based.

But enough. Because better to serve the 1000 true fans* than the millions.

As I consider this, I consider the amount of times every single day I step over value.

I step over the fact that I am breathing, freely, from clean air. Lucky me. I live where the air is clean. I step over drinking clean water. I step over the earth. I ignore the barista that makes me coffee, and the whole army of people who enabled my coffee to be a pleasure for me to experience today. (from beans to me…)

I could go on.

It is a #[email protected]^ing miracle. All of it. How blind we are.

*see Kevin Kelly’s article on 1000 true fans.

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