Emotional Contagion

Love, laughter, joy, anger, all emotions…when given.. multiply. There is only the initial offer, which when set into the field, seed contagion.

Therefore we might be mindful of the emotions we bring alive and cultivate.

This is not to deny the real emotions as they flow through us, which is to be human and alive. Rather it is to be in a partnership with our emotions and the consequences they have. 

Our emotions are not us. We have the ability to be sovereign in our emotions.

Is my grief to be aired publicly in any place? Does my anger come with a ticket to freely reign as I choose?

Do I desire to spread love and joy as a practice? And in so doing seed the contagion of love and joy?

No matter what the circumstances, we get to choose how we respond. This is our ultimate freedom.

December 2nd 2019

Photo taken December 2nd, 2019